Basic Structure Of Website

Before introducing HTML, let’s introduce the basic structure diagram of common web pages, so that people who don’t understand grammar can understand the basic structure of web pages. Knowing this will also help you when designing your own blog in the future.

Header,Section,  Nav and Footer are necessary blocks in different layouts.Section is the main necessary  content area,but Asid may not appear. Section and Asider may switch positions. A complex layout website may have two aside sectioon. Or none aside sectioon.

The following is an introduction to each block


The logo of the website will usually be placed at the top of the webpage. The logo can be large or small, or a large picture can be placed to highlight the most distinctive image of the website. You can also put social media, a second navigation bar, a search bar.


The text can be quickly linked to the page, and the placement can be right, left, or centered. The navigation bar can be placed in the same block as the search bar and logo, or Can be placed separately.
When choosing a suitable template to use, this block is the most important. Points to pay attention to: whether it is one-layer, multi-layer or Mega menu, the screen presented on the mobile phone, the screen on the desktop computer and the screen on the computer Whether the presented picture is incongruous.


The main content area of the website, if it’s a personal blog, it’s articles, if it’s a E-commerce website, it’s products, if it’s a hybrid, it can put the best articles, popular articles, latest articles, plus the products to be sold such as novels, courses… ...etc.
If it is on the Homepage, you can also put slider or featured post at the top, and the content is usually the best articles (commodities) and popular articles (commodities).


Information of webmaster, social media (social media) such as FB, IG, twitter, YouTube are usually placed. Also, can put latest messages, website counters, featured post, advertisements, and sponsored links. 


There must be a copyright statement, and you can also put the information of the website owner, such as company information, address, contact information, personal information introduction,  subscribe to newsletter, popular courses, links to popular products, featured post,latest articles, popular articles and Advertising, and Sponsored Links.


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